CONTROL HE (Health Economics)

Quantifying the amount of healthcare resources consumed by levothyroxine dose adjustments

  • Research Group. Patients requiring ≥1 levothyroxine dose changes in an 18 month period*
  • Control Group. Patients requiring no levothyroxine dose changes in an 18 month period*


*Dose adjustments were measured after 6 months of initial levothyroxine therapy were completed; observation period was 18 months

  • A retrospective medical chart review. Charts were selected from a pool of patients managed by primary care physicians (PCPs) in several health systems who treat a high volume of hypothyroid patients. Health systems represent several US regions and include the states of California, Tennessee, and Pennsylvania.
  • The health systems identified medical records via electronic record compilation that met the studies’ inclusion criteria. These records were provided for analysis. Patient names and records were blinded to the sponsor.
  • The research protocol was IRB-approved.

Calculation of the overall costs of care for patients includes estimates of average direct medical costs paid to providers such as:

  • medication
  • investigations (i.e., pathology and imaging)
  • monitoring (e.g., TSH tests, electrocardiograms)
  • primary care physicians (PCP) visits
  • specialist visits
  • hospitalizations
  • emergency department (ED) visits
  • outpatient drugs costs

These were measured during the observation period. Estimated overall indirect medical costs (lost productivity).

Chart reviews completed. Data under analysis.

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